TORtec Group is a leading company in the implementation of TOR-technologies - the latest technologies for the disintegration of materials in air and gas-dynamic flows. The technology is the next step in disintegration after traditional mechanical grinding methods. The significance of the technology is in its different fields of application: from grinding superhard materials and biomass to enrichment of rocks, processing technogenic accumulations and eliminating pollution.

The technology is efficient and ergonomic for many industries: metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, construction industry, processing of rocks, mining, materials science. The activated materials by the technology either acquire new physical and mechanical properties or transform into completely new material. This creates new opportunities in space exploration, in rocket engineering, in aircraft building, in the automotive industry, in nuclear energy and other responsible industries.



A new technological direction in science and industry based on noncontact gas-dynamic resonant disintegration (micronization) of materials in which compressed air, gases, critical vapor, liquid can act as an energy carrier. The newest effective technology was created in the corporation TORtec Group, published by the European corporate institute SRI TP in 2014 and was the result of technological convergence of various fields of knowledge, which opened up the widest opportunities in various industries and led to the creation of new promising technologies and directions. In addition to the theoretical, scientific and technological justification of this technology, the main developers of which were academician of the...
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One of the most common methods of processing materials is their grinding. Practically there is no such branch of industry where grinding of initial raw materials is not required. This is the mining industry, and metallurgy, and industrial 3D-printing, and biotechnology, and processing of man-made savings and agricultural...
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TOR-technologies are leading technologies. They can be called breakthrough technologies for many industries: in materials science, in the synthesis of new materials, in the processing and liquidation of man-made accumulations and contamination of soil and water, agricultural wastes, in the integrated and wasteless processing of bio-...
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The resonant vortex TORNADO installation is a gas-dynamic mill in which the technology of cascaded adiabatic resonance impact grinding is implemented, impact velocities of which are close to a breakdown threshold. The installation is designed in a way so that any particle of the input material gets literally torn by the repeated crossing...
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During production, no harmful materials are used for ecology: only electricity is used. Moreover, the technology is aimed at the disposal of harmful substances or their mixtures...
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